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Tue Apr 07 @ 6:30PM - 08:00PM
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Featured Artists

Hutchison, Candace

3D mixed media...

Klem, Ann

Beaded glass jewelry... 

Baker, Shevvy

Original designed and handcrafted jewelry - JURIED

Lait, Joy

Wire & Glass Sculptures

Stanley, Deborah

Polymer Clay (2D & 3D)...

Mattei, Pamela

Fiber - JURIED

Smith, Rheanna

Oil portrait/Mixed Media...

Cleave, Joan Van


Brestel, Sylvia

Fiber  - JURIED

Hagood, Julie

Ceramics - JURIED

Conrad, Julie Moss

Jewelry  - JURIED

Lentz, Roxy

Uncommon jewelry for independent women

Dennis, Marlene

I love glass, crystal, stone...

Blackwell, Lauren

Woven Beadwork - Juried

Craven-Becker, Colleen

Jewelry - JURIED

Brown, Paul

Wood Badger Shaving Brushes - JURIED

Freese, Thomas

jewelry crafted from wood...

Stewart, Kris

Fiber  - JURIED - Scroll & Ink Bookbinding

Miles, Gregory Scott

deer antler carving...

Solano, Marlon Obando

Naturaleza Jewelry: all-natural, handmade

Bailey-Burch, Janet

Carved and painted horses - Wood - JURIED

Christian, Ellen

Metal and stone jewelry...

Moeller, Joy

Oil painting...

Frost, Lindsay E.

 I use Found Wood...

Ebendorf, Anne

Concentration Metal jewelry

Clore, Catherine


Brink, Doug

Ceramics - JURIED- Pottery

Buehler, Betty

Wood carving - JURIED

Reed, Alex

Photography - JURIED

Adams, Tamara Scantland

watercolor portraits - JURIED

Hatzidakis, Dawn

Jewelry - JURIED

Craik, Mary

Quilts and wall hangings ....

Rankin, Gaylen "Frosty"

Photography - JURIED

Scheu, Dick

Wood ornaments...

George, Diana Emerson

Metal and Stone Jewelry...

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