Clore, Catherine

I saw my first barn quilt years ago on a beautiful weekend drive to Madison, Indiana. Since then I have seen barns decorated with large, colorfully painted quilt squares in many places we have traveled. In 2010, I painted my first quilt on plywood to hang on our brick smokehouse. A few years later I painted a smaller 2' x 2' quilt in a traditional double wedding ring pattern, as a gift to celebrate a very special marriage. Encouraged by the reaction to that gift I began painting quilts to sell.

My quilts begin with squares of furniture-grade plywood, painted first on all surfaces with an exterior primer. I draw the designs using pencils, protractors, straight edges, and compasses. And a Pink Pearl eraser!I use highest quality exterior paint for the designs with several coats to make a beautiful, durable piece suitable for outdoor or indoor display. My quilts now hang on more than 80 barns, garages, sheds and homes (and one chicken coop) in at least 9 states! I am thrilled that one of my quilts appeared in the Courier-Journal's HerScene magazine in December 2014.



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