Ronay, William

Stone and Wood

I became serious about my art 40 years ago and for the first 20 years became a student under the tutelage of Paul Fields, a renowned international sculptor known for his stone and wood abstracts.

Initially my abstract work was in stone such as alabaster, limestone and marble. However, for the last 20 years I became more attracted to wood because of its energy, it’s lighter weight and to me it is more responsive. I primarily work with MDF, birch plywood, mahogany and occasionally basswood.

For several years I have modeled work after the art of the Cyclades Islands which I discovered on a trip to Greece and specifically Knossos and the isle of Delos. Cycladic art was made from around 3500BC to 2500 BC in these Mediterranean Isles and is on display in virtually all major museums. These works are both mysterious and have impacted many great artists such as Henry Moore and many others.

I continue to work with alabaster on ‘form’ and replicate these ‘forms’ into my creations of wood such as mahogany, finished plywood and other solid woods. Presently I am enamored with the effect of the layers of plywood on my finished works.

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