Miles, Gregory Scott

Wood - deer antler and bone carving. 

Carvings of people and animals related to the old west in wood, deer antler and bone.

I am a resident of Louisville,Kentucky,a brick mason,and a wood sculptor. I have had no formal art training,just trial and error. I discovered my sculpting ability in 2003 when I carved an Eagle from a deer antler.

I like realism,carving the material as life like as possible. My medium is all natural materials. These include wood native to this area,and shed deer antlers given to me by friends. Its exciting to see a form emerge from a chunk of wood. My favorite wood to use is cedar. When finished and hand rubbed it lends a smooth,rustic, western appeal to my sculptures.
The main focus of my art work centers around Native American Indians of the Plains, and the wildlife sacred to their culture. I love creating fine quality walking and hiking sticks with these people,or animals, carved realistically in to the sticks. They are durable and functional enough to be used on all your walks through the park or long hikes in the woods. They also make beautiful gifts for non-hikers to be displayed as art on a wall or in a stand anywhere in the home.