Cleave, Joan Van

Sculpture - Mosaics

I mosaic on many different surfaces such as table tops, lamp bases, light switch plates, and wall hangings and use tile, glass, mirrors, gems, etc. to bring interest to the art piece. Pieces are carefully fitted and adhered with the proper adhesive for the project. Thus, every artwork is unique and can never be exactly replicated. I make art purely for my own joy of creation. Therefore, I like to experiment with different styles and challenge myself in a new direction, every time I feel that I have exhausted a certain style of design.

My name is Joan Van Cleave and I was born and raised in Denmark. I began making mosaics in 2000 and was immediately enthralled with the endless possibilities that this media offers.

In 2002 I moved from Denmark with my American husband to his hometown Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, I live with my husband and our 3 children in Prospect, KY. In March 2010 I became a Juried Member of the Louisville Artisans Guild.

Naturally, life with 3 children is rather stressful, but making mosaics can be a very meditative pastime and I make mosaics at night, after the kids are tucked in, to maintain my sanity.

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