Kellersberger, Scot and Laura

Sculpture - one-of-a-kind metal sculptures

Scot and Laura Kellersberger of Phoenix Creative Metal design lasting snapshots from around the world. These moments frozen in time are born of creative fire in both metal and stone: a dramatic statement for any indoor or outdoor space. Together they create one of a kind sculptures, 3-D wall art, life-size representations of animals and people, and larger than life art that create a cohesive connection in that special place.

In addition to one-of-a-kind sculptures, Phoenix Creative designs functional pieces of art such as furniture and bike racks. Each piece is hand-crafted with high-durability techniques that out-last most standard competition. Our techniques include: sandblasting for a pristine surface, removing loose particles with a phosphate wash, and an added step of priming with zinc powder coat to ensure that the final color powder coat adheres without peeling, flaking or cracking for long-term use.

Our artwork is a stunning blend of fire, metal, and earth that is long-lasting and low-maintenance made to be admired for generations to come."

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