Rankin, Gaylen "Frosty"

For the last seven years, I have been on a wonderful and remarkable journey. Honing and perfecting skills that have never even been thought of. I have been on the fringed edge of the brink  of enlightenment and the water’s edge where there are no footprints, in the sand to follow, Where man had never been, where creativity is created, and where innovation is invented. I have taken with me the thirty years of Graphic Arts and Printing skills and experiences and combined them with Classic Art training and a lifelong love of visual Fine arts, then added a sprinkling of Photography and wrapped them all up in a beautiful blanket of a digital future, to create a new style of art that I believe is of the highest standards of excellence, quality and execution that I can possibly create.  My reasoning behind this method is strictly for accuracy!  To enhance the visual experience so as to leave the viewer in Awh of it’s beauty and realism.

Website: http://frostyartwork.com

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