Hutchison, Candace

Mixed Media Artist - 3D mixed media   

Mosaics, murals (inside and outdoor) and hand painted functional art

I would like to acquaint you with my work and philosophy.

As a commissioned fine artist, I have worked primarily with two-dimensional pieces and favored pastels. My canvas has now expanded to include the multi-dimensional world of home furnishings.

My approach to furniture finishing has been influenced by a couple of aspects. The three-dimensional trait of furniture seems to produce an ever-changing lens in which to view the painted images. For instance, a magazine that lies across the tabletop obscuring a portion of the rending creates a kaleidoscopic portrayal of the original work. This seems to give the fixed composition a kinetic quality. I take this into account when designing each piece.

Other inspirations have been drawn from the delicate inlay work of the Middle East, the elegant murals from China and the elaborate storytelling paintings of India and how they seem to complete the existing architecture rather than distract or prevail without purpose.

The design process may begin with an idea, an image, color, or the furniture itself. With commissioned works, another key ingredient is brainstorming with individuals. This interaction stimulates and adds to the formulation of the piece. I am proficient in translating a client's cognitive ideas into a visual forum. This requires listening, problem solving, and on going communication. I would like the opportunity to collaborate and create a one-of-a kind piece, a piece that will bring unrivaled beauty into a home environment.

I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

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