Kays (Vinson), Teri Le

Mixed Media - Mixed media portraits.

I create portraits that utilize a variety of materials and techniques. I like to experiment with various media. For instance, I will use sharpies, acrylics, twigs, torn paper, pastel, wood, etc. My partner, Peter McGeeney, is a master wood craftsmen and assists me by making frames from beautiful local reclaimed architectural remnants or unusual wood.

My portraits, both human and animal, capture the individual mood and personality of the model. I especially love doing pieces that commemorate loved ones.
Artist Statement My background covers both fine art as well as graphic design and illustration. I have worked as an artist in marketing, advertising and publishing departments. I have illustrated books, magazines, clothing, pins, etc.

I am available for commission work for portraits--both human and pet. I also work with a more traditional style, using pastels, charcoal, or pen and ink.

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