Baker, Shevvy

Jewelry - Original designed and handcrafted jewelry

My name is Shevvy Baker. I have a Bachelor of Science in fine arts from the University of Louisville. I design and handcraft my jewelry under the name SPB Designs.

To complement my clothing, I started to make jewelry for myself, about 5 years ago. First by beading and wire wrapping, which then evolved to working with silver clay. This is a process in which the binder is burned off to produce a 999 fine silver piece.

I then began to study silversmithing and stone setting, which allows me to utilize many different techniques in my jewelry, which is composed of natural stones and precious metals.

I really enjoy making jewelry, and every new technique I learn becomes an exciting endeavor for me.

My jewelry designs are inspired by things found in nature. I cannot express how much pleasure I get out of seeing other people wearing my jewelry. I hope they love wearing it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Besides, Arts & Crafts shows, you can find my jewelry at The Watch Shop, 643 S.4th Avenue, Louisville Ky 40202 (502) 583-3676

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