Drescher, Linda

Jewelry - Jewelry design

As a teacher, I always loved hands on projects as the best way to teach my students. Since college, I have made jewelry, candles, macramé purses, wall hangings, tee-shirts and anything that caught my fancy.

About four years ago, a friend introduced me to Lona Northener, a jewelry artist and silversmith, who taught classes and thus began my true love for making jewelry. Since I’m not a pencil and paper artist, I must imagine my designs in my head and progress from there.

Usually, when setting a stone, the colors or shape influence my design. Often I put things together then redesign if not pleasing to me. I love texturing silver with items found in nature such as hydrangea flowers or wild grasses. I also love working with natural beads and crystals. Much of my jewelry includes beads from Africa that I purchase because they help the local villagers obtain an income.

I am a juried member of the Louisville Artisans Guild, The Sisterhood of the Flame and KYANA Geological Society.

Making jewelry has become a very important and relaxing part of my life. I love doing shows with the help of my husband and dear friends and meeting the many show visitors. I hope wearing my jewelry will bring joy to you and a bit of the joy I feel in making each piece.

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