Moriarty, Robbie

Jewelry - Metal jewelry and mixed media

Whimsical theme and seasonal art jewelry handcrafted from brass,aluminum,copper, and nickel....cut, etched, lacquered, then embellished with beads, wire , and charms.

I have been interested in art all my life. I studied art in college and opened a porcelain restoration business in Louisville which combined my interest in art with my appreciation and love of detail. I have always been a collector of many things, amassing hundreds of thousands of buttons, trinkets, charms, bijoux, beads, found objects, and all sorts of fun things.

I began decorating frames and mirrors, and making jewelry, using these things from my collections. I worked to get my art and jewelry individualized and affordable, each piece having its own personality, a distinct voice, and a touch of whimsy. I drifted away from porcelain restoration and began making my art fulltime. I am thrilled and grateful for your response to my art. In this age of e-mail, faxes and cyberspace, things get a little impersonal. I hope that my art helps you share who and what you are and how you define yourself. From design to production, each piece has brought me a lot of joy.

More than anything, I hope that my art touches you, makes you smile, and tells a little something about you.