Watson, Sissy

Jewelry -  Metalsmith Jewelry

Sissy's designs are crafted of sterling silver, gold, and other attractive metals. Pieces are fabricated from raw materials ~ sheet metal, tubing, wire, and other forms of precious metal and alloys. These are carefully transformed into extraordinary designs through a variety of processes: sawing, filing, sanding, forming & texturing, soldering, and polishing. Gorgeous gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes are often incorporated into the overall design using handcrafted prongs, bezels, and other stone setting techniques.

Sissy Watson is an accomplished designer whose jewelry includes one-of-a-kind pieces. Sissy studied metalsmithing for more than two years and still enjoys learning new processes and techniques. Her jewelry has been exhibited at a variety of juried art shows and has sold in boutiques and fine craft galleries throughout the southeastern United States.

Artist Website  www.whitetulipstudio.com