Craik, Mary

Fiber - Quilts and wall hangings

It is with great joy that I am making quilts and wall hangings. Being involved with art has given a whole new meaning to my life. My goal is to please the eye and the heart. It is my hope that when you see my work you will feel some of the joy I feel when I am doing it.

I made my first dress in 1932 when I was eight years old and my first quilt in 1936. Unfortunately, the 1937 Ohio Valley flood destroyed the quilt and it was more than fifty years before I made the second one.

In the 40's and 50's I made cocktail dresses, wedding and bridesmaids dresses for minimum wage. Not being able to make a living doing work I really enjoyed, I went back to school and eventually received a Ph.D and became a University Professor of Psychology.

I have no formal training in studio art and am self trained. My work is being sold in five galleries and has been in many shows in 13 states.

I have won 12 awards as well as having five one-person shows. In 2003, I had one or more pieces of my work in 24 natio juried shows and five of these pieces won awards.