Mahlbacher, Kim

"Art which comes to life with imagination", my HeirloomCroft Art in Wool LLC Sculptures are uniquely poseable, allowing the buyer the fun of their own creative touch.

My work encompasses woodland creatures, faeries, nymphs, animals wild and domestic, gentle Nativities, and botanical. My love, knowledge, and appreciation of nature speaks throughout my work, Each peace captures a whimsical joy-filled spirit where the buyer will find a gentle smile, or mischievous wink, or perhaps even the unbridled imagination of remembered childhood dreams.

My sculptures are finely needle felted using only pure quality wool over a single wire base. Eyes are made from glass and my wire is !00% copper. Come and explore. I promise to bring a smile.

I chose the name Heirloom Croft to honor my parents who gave us a section of their land where we have a small farm.

I am a member of Louisville Artisans Guild juried in Fiber and Drawing, a Kentucky Crafted Artist, Art Guild of Anchorage, Oldham County Art Guild, and a licensed Kentucky Proud member. I was awarded the 2017 Kentucky State Fair Crafts Gallery Folk Art Best in Show, and 2017 Kentucky State Fair Dolls and Toys Sweepstakes winner for highest wins in Textile Art.

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