Arnold-Kinsfather, Sylvia

I became interested in weaving after I attended a Spin A Yarn Festival at the Little Loomhouse in Louisville, KY some years ago. I started volunteering there soon after. A few months later, I began taking lessons on a traditional small table loom. There's a lot more to it than just passing a shuttle back and forth as I soon discovered. It is a time consuming process from measuring your thread, warping, tying it on the loom, threading it thru heddles and reeds , fixing crossed/missing threads etc. The process can really try your patience at times. When you're finally finished with all that prep work, then the weaving begins, - the fun part in my opinion.

As I gained in experience and confidence I entered some items in the KY State Fair and have won a variety of ribbons over the years.

A few years ago, I took lessons weaving on a triangle loom. I like this one best as you do the warp and weft at the same time and there is very little yarn waste. This also can be time consuming. A 3 foot triangle shawl, for example, would take about 3 hours or so. To add fringe would take another hour or two depending on how you finish off that fringe.

I have recently retired and am still volunteering at the Little Loomhouse. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive weaving family. I also enjoy having more time working on and mastering my craft.


Sylvia Arnold-Kinsfather
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