Brink, Doug

Lazy Beagle Pottery is based in Bardstown, Kentucky. Owned and operated by David Delaney and Doug Brink. In 2011, we both decided to take pottery lessons from a local potter. After six weeks of lessons, we started to rent studio space. We began by going out to the studio a couple of nights a week to practice. Well, practice led to a love of the art form. After only six months, we did our first art show. After that, we were hooked! Within two years, we had purchased all of the equipment we needed to have our own studio, which is located in our garage. Occasionally, the cars get to share the space.

We both have full time day jobs and do this as a “hobby”, if you can call 14 shows this year a hobby. With the exception of set up and tear down, we love doing shows! We have met and become close friends with so many people. Artists are a breed all to their own. Even though it means giving up many nights and weekends, it is very rewarding.

So, the name, Lazy Beagle Pottery, comes from our first rescue beagle. Her name is Apple. Her exercise consists getting off the couch long enough to eat and switch couches, thus the name “Lazy Beagle”. In the early years, she was with us at every show. Five years ago, she went blind and gets a little overwhelmed now, so she holds down the fort at home while we are gone. Since Apple, we have rescued 4 more dogs, Ruby, Rusty, Cooper, and our Aussie, Rayne.

Our pottery is all wheel thrown or hand built. Bisque fired to over 1800 degrees. Glazed in a large variety of colors, and then fired in an electric kiln to over 2100 degrees. WE LOVE COLOR, as you can see in our work. In the past year, we have been doing a lot of work with different colors of clay. The effect is mesmerizing and could never be repeated. Every piece is food, oven, and dishwasher safe.

We hope one day to be able to do the craft we love full time. Until then, you can catch us at lots of Kentucky Art Shows. We are also in the gift shop at Bernheim Forest near Bardstown, at the gift shop in Constitution Square in Danville, Kentucky, and at Making Good Scentz in Bardstown, Kentucky. We are also honored to be juried members of the Louisville Artisans Guild.

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