Artist Listing

Underlined members name in blue have links to their Web Site.

Julie Adams Fiber: Textile
Tamara Scantland Adams Painting
Mary Jane Allen Mixed Media
Alejandro Amezcua Jewelry
Ada Asenjo Mixed Media
Denny Bain oil painting
Janet Bailey-Burch Wood Painted Horse sculpture
Shevvy Baker Jewelry
Jan Banta-Briseno Gourds - Mixed Media
Lauren Blackwell Jewelry
Linda Bowman Ceramics: Thrown Pottery
Ann & Fred Bremer Photography / Glass
JoAnn Brennan Jewelry
Sylvia Brestel Fiber
Patricia Brock Photography
Susan Brooks Drawing & Pastels
Karen Brown-Levy Pottery/Ceramics
Paul Brown Mixed Nedia
Patricia Brock Photography
Rachel Carter jewelry
Donald Cartwright Painting
Patricia Caudill Ceramics: Clay
Robin Chard Jewelry
  Deb Chenault jewelry
Ellen Christian Jewelry
Linda Cissna Jewelry : Kumihimo Weaving
Joan Van Cleave Sculpture
Dorothy Cline Glass
Alyce Cole Jewelry
Carrie Beth Collins Mixed Media
Kathy Conroy Scratchboard artist in blue
Steve Coultas Wood: Shaker Reproductions
John Cowgill Jewelry
John Cowgill Glass
Libby Cunningham Jewelry
Tamra Cusick Mixed Media
Bobbi Kalista Davis Jewelry
Carl DeGraff Pottery
Marlene Dennis Glass : Stained / Textile: Fiber & Basket
Edward & Terri Devoe Jewelry
Julie Diehl Painting: Oil
Donna Doane Jewelry
Linda Drescher Jewelry
Gweneth Dunleavy Textile : Fiber
Anne Ebendorf (lifetime member) Jewelry: Metal & Semi-precious Stones
Kent Epler Mixed Media
Janet Essenpreis Ceramics: Clay
  Margaret Fadeley Wood & Leather
Fran Ferrell Jewelry : Glass
Lisa Marie Fowler Glass, Glass : Jewelry
Thomas Freese Jewelry/Wood
Lindsay Frost Wood : sculpture
Jackie Gedrose Jewelry
Diana Emerson George Jewelry
Sharon Haines Fiber : natural & dried florals
Patsy and Mike Hancock wood
Kay Hardy (lifetime member) Painting : watercolor
Steven D. Harris Wood
Sarah Havens Textile : m illinery
Mary Ann Hoskins Jewelry
Penny Hundley  2D & 3D mixed media
Edd Johannemann 2D &3D mixed media
Jana John Ceramics
Gloria Kemper-O’Neil Fiber : quilting, mix media
Gene King Wood Working
  Erica Kirchner Metal Sculpture
Ann Klem Jewelry
Judy Kushner  Fiber
Roxy Lentz Jewelry : metal
Karen Brown Levy Ceramics
Eddie Rae Lomax Jewelry
Jennifer Lombardi Mixed Media : soaps and candles
Kim Mahlbacher Fiber/Jewelry metal
Sharon Major Jewelry : metal
Paula Martin Photography
Nevenka Martinovic Painting : watercolors
Pamela Mattei Textile : Fiber
Maude McCarthy
George McCracken Painting: oils / Wood: turnings
Barb McDevitt 2D Painting
Lisa Mercer
Sharon Milliner Fiber: Silks, Wool & Textiles / Jewelry
Peggy Modjeski Fiber: Textile
Joy Moeller Painting: Oil
Robbie Moriarty Jewelry: Metal / Mixed Media
Marjorie Nall (founding/lifetime member) Metal
  Benjamin Nay III Painting
  Brian Newton Handcrafted brooms
Kevin L. O'Neal Jewelry/Glass
Emma Paez  2D & 3D -mixed media
John C. Parson, Jr. Wood
  Tracy Pennington Glass Mosaics
Kelli Pope Jewelry
Martha R. Puckett Ceramics : clay
Christine Rabeneck Jewelry
Lesley Rahner Jewelry
Pam Receveur Glass : fused jewelry, Clocks, Jewelry
Sandy Renfrow Jewelry
Brittney Rice Landscape Painting
Patricia Ritter Jewelry / Water media
Mike Robinson
William Ronay 2016 Wood & Stone Sculpture
Judy Rosati Photography
Audrey Schulz Fiber: Textile
Teri Smart Fiber
Hugh Spencer Painting
Richard Spencer Wood: Traditional Shaker oval boxes, trays & carriers
JoAnn Staashelm(2d & 3D) Photography
Daleann Stark Chain Jewelry
Jane Steerman (lifetime) Jewelry: Silversmith
Kris Stewart Fiber-book art
Nora Swanson Jewelry
Merchelle Stokley
Tonya Tate  Hand-made soap
Cathy Tomlinson  
U ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Cheryl Ulrich-Barnett Clay
V ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Joan Van Cleave Sculpture
Teri LeKays Vinson Mixed Media, Painting
Chris Vogelgesang Wood
Sissy Watson Jewelry: Metal
Pam White 2D & 3D mixed media
  Richard Wilson Wood
Beth Williams Photography
  Suzanne Wohlfeld Jewelry
Tom Wohlfeld Jewelry
Dodie L. Wrocklage-Harp Jewelry
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  Emily Yellina Student member
Maiken Ischiel Young Fiber: Weaving
Sue Yung Fiber: Quilts