Artist Listing

Members in blue are Juried artists. Underlined names in blue are links to their pages.

Bonnie Abell Fiber
Julie Adams Fiber: Textile
Tamara Scantland Adams Painting: Water Color
Mary Jane Allen Fiber / Mixed Media / Sculpture
Alejando Amezcua Jewelry
Ada Asenjo Mixed Media: Pressed Flowers
Denny Bain oil painting
Janet Bailey-Burch Wood: Painted Horse Sculpture
Janet Bailey-Burch Sculpture
Shevvy Baker Jewelry
Jan Banta-Briseno Gourds - Mixed Media
  Rhonda Barnett Metal
  Janet Baughman Painting
  Craig & Lori Belling Repurpose/Upcycle
  Morgan Betsill 2017 Scholarship winner & Student member
  Brad Bickle Jewelry
Maggie Ward Bieda jewelry
  Sandra Blanc collage
Lauren Blackwell Jewelry
Russell Boucher (founding/lifetime member) Jewelry: Silversmith
  Jack Bootes Driftwood Art
Linda Bowman Ceramics: Thrown Pottery
Ann & Fred Bremer Photography / Glass
JoAnn Brennan Jewelry
Sylvia Brestel Fiber
  Allen Bridgeman  
  Doug Brink Ceramics
Patricia Brock Photography
Susan Brooks Drawing & Pastels
  Margie Brown Fiber-hand knitwear
Karen Brown-Levy Pottery
Paul Brown Mixed Media : Soap Products
Paul Brown Wood
Karen Brown-Levy Ceramics
Betty Buehler Wood: Carving & Scroll Saw Work
Cheryl Buhrman Painting: 2D Water-based
Kathy Anna Burgess Fiber: Celtic Embroidery
  Rachel Carter jewelry
Donald Cartwright Painting
Patricia Caudill Ceramics: Clay
Robin Chard Jewelry
  Deb Chenault jewelry
Ellen Christian Jewelry
Sandra Chu Painting
Linda Cissna Jewelry : Kumihimo Weaving
Joan Van Cleave Mosaics
Dorothy Cline Glass
Catherine Clore Wood: Wood Painted Quilts
Sherrie Cocanougher Jewelry : Lampwork Beads
Alyce Cole Jewelry
Carrie B. Collins Mixed Media: 2D 
Julie Moss Conrad Jewelry
Kathy Conroy Scratchboard artist in blue
Denise Coonley Fiber: Textile
Deborah Coultas Jewelry
Steve Coultas Wood: Shaker Reproductions
John Cowgill Jewelry
John Cowgill Glass
Bill & Janet Craig Wood: Turnings
Mary Craik (lifetime member) Fiber: Quilts
Colleen B. Craven-Becker Jewelry
Ashley Crouch Photography
Libby Cunnigham Jewelry
Tamra Cusick Mixed Media
Tamra Cusick Drawing
Bobbi Kalista Davis Jewelry : polymer clay & ceramics
Kristen Davis Glass / Jewelry / Sculpture / Fiber: Printmaking & Textiles
Cathy Wade Ridge Day Fiber
Kathleen Deaver Wood
  Olivia Delano Student Member
Marlene Dennis Glass : Stained / Textile: Fiber & Basket
Edward & Terri Devoe Jewelry
  Jennie DiBeneditto Ceramics
Joanna Dickey Jewelry
Julie Diehl Painting: Oil
Betsy Dienes (founding/lifetime member) Fiber : textiles, wall quilts, photo transfers
Donna Doane Jewelry
  Lyn Drennan Painting
Linda Drescher Jewelry
Julie Duncan (founding/lifetime member)
  Alex Duncan Stiudent member
Gweneth Dunleavy Textile : Fiber
Paula Durham Jewelry: Polymer Clay
Anne Ebendorf (lifetime member) Jewelry: Metal & Semi-precious Stones
Glenn & Mark Edwards Wood / Jewelry
Kent Epler Mixed Media
Janet Essenpreis Ceramics: Clay
Brian Estill mixed media
  Margaret Fadeley Wood & Leather
  Rhoda Faller  
  Tracy Farris Acrylic
Fran Ferrell Jewelry : Glass
Lisa Marie Fowler Glass, Glass : Jewelry
Lisa Marie Fowler Jewelry
Thomas Freese Jewelry
Thomas Freese Wood
Walter French Woodworking
Lindsay Frost Wood : sculpture
David Fry  (lifetime member) Ceramics : pottery
Jackie Gedrose Jewelry
Diana Emerson George Jewelry
Lawerence Gettleman Jewelry
  Bob Gibson Wood
Bill Goodan Painting
Gina Greensburg-Moeller Jewelry
  Teresa Greer Fiber
Carol Grisanti (lifetime member) Jewelrty / Metal
Donna Haddix jewelry
Julie Hagood Clay, Mixed Media 3D, Ceramics
  Sarah Havens Fiber- millinary
Sharon Haines Fiber : natural & dried florals
  Martha Louise Halleron Jewelry/Fabric art
Patsy and Mike Hancock wood
Kay Hardy (lifetime member) Painting : watercolor
Ken Hardy Painting : pastels
Mary Harmon clay
Steven D. Harris Wood
Dawn Hatzidakis Jewelry
Sarah Havens Textile : m illinery
Sherrie Head Glass: Glass Tiles / Mixed Media: Ceramic Tiles
Suzy Higdon Ceramics / Jewelry / Fiber
Leah Holt
Ku Hone photography
Mary Ann Hoskins Jewelry
Penny Hundley  2D & 3D mixed media
Candace Hutchison Mixed media : painted furniture, accessories
JoAnna Jackson Painting : encaustic / Marbled Art Paper Journals
  Dawna Jarvis Glass
Edd Johannemann 2D &3D mixed media
Jana John Ceramics : handbuilt
Teri Le Kays (Vinson) Mixed Media
  Laura & Scot Kellersberger Metal Sculpture
  Kara Kelly Student member
Gloria Kemper-O’Neil Fiber : quilting, mix media
Sylvia Kinsfather Fiber
  Erica Kirchner Metal Sculpture
Gus Klein Fiber : leatherwork
Ann Klem Jewelry
Ann Klem beads / Glass
Judy Kushner  Fiber
  Robert Lackney Painting
Joy Lait Glass : Wire & Glass Sculptures
Hans Landert Wood : carving
Ed Lawson Ceramics
Roxy Lentz Jewelry : metal
  Deborah Levine fiber, assemblage
Karen Brown Levy Ceramics
Aurora Lewis student member
Eddie Rae Lomax Jewelry
Jennifer Lombardi Mixed Media : soaps and candles
  Lori McGruder Fiber
Kim Mahlbacher Drawing
Kim Mahlbacher Fiber
Sharon Major Jewelry : metal
  Stephanie Maloney Jewelry- seed bead
  Donna Manuel Photography
Paula Martin Photography
Nevenka Martinovic Painting : watercolors
Pamela Mattei
Textile : Fiber
George McCracken Painting: oils / Wood: turnings
Barb McDevitt 2D Painting
  Madison McGill 2017 Scholarship winner & Student member
  Moegan McGill Student member
Renee Z. McCartan Painting: 2D Oil
Carl McKinley Painting : Watercolor
  Sarah P. McNabb Jewelry
Gregory Scott Miles Carvings: Wood, Deer Antler & Bone
Jenni Miller  Fiber
Anne Milligan Painting
Sharon Milliner Fiber: Silks, Wool & Textiles / Jewelry
Phyllis & Jerry Minnery Jewelry: Metal
Sam Minrath 2018 Scholarship winner, student membe
Peggy Modjeski Fiber: Textile
Joy Moeller Painting: Oil
Robbie Moriarty Jewelry: Metal / Mixed Media
Neal & Rose Morris (lifetime member) Wood: Turnings
Marjorie Nall (founding/lifetime member) Metal
  Benjamin Nay III Painting
  Brian Newton Handcrafted brooms
  Donna O'Bryan Fiber-paper
Patricia Obye (founding/lifetime member)
Kevin L. O'Neal Jewelry
Kevin L. O'Neal Glass
Emma Paez  2D & 3D -mixed media
John C. Parson, Jr. Wood
  Anne MariePavlik Etching & stratograph
  Linda Pennington Jewelry
  Tracy Pennington Glass Mosaics
Robert Peterson Wood : scrimshaw
Sunny Podbelsek student member
  Callie Poehlein Student member
Kelli Pope Jewelry
  Rosemary & Gary Prather Painting
Martha R. Puckett Ceramics : clay
  Rebecca Pugh Fiber-paper
Christine Rabeneck Jewelry
Bobbie Rafferty Jewelry
Lesley Rahner Jewelry
Gaylen "Frosty" Rankin Mixed Media: 2D Painting & Reproductions
Pam Receveur Glass : fused jewelry, Clocks, Jewelry
Alexandrea L. Reed Photography
Sandy Renfrow Jewelry
Cathy Wade Ridge Fiber / Textile
Cecila Ridge Fiber : silk
Patricia Ritter Jewelry / Water media
Geri Roberts Ceramics: Stoneware & Raku
Jessica Robinson Ceramic Sculpture / Clay / Mixed Media
Bailey Roman 2016 Scholarship winner & Student member
Judy Rosati Photography
Dick Scheu Wood: Ornaments
Marvin Schnoll Wood: Boxes / Jewelry
David Schotter Wood
Warren Seekamp (founding/lifetime member)
Audrey Schulz Fiber: Textile
  Mick Shambro Wood
Teri Smart Fiber
Mackenzie Smith 2018 Scholarship winner, student member
  Rashard Smith Student member
Rheanna Smith Painting: Oil on Board / Mixed Media
Marlon Obano Solano Jewelry: Natural Materials
Franklyn Paul Soldo Painting: Oil
Hugh Spencer Painting
Richard Spencer Wood: Traditional Shaker oval boxes, trays & carriers
Eva Spohn student member
JoAnn Staashelm(2d & 3D) Photography
Deborah Stanley Mixed Media : Polymer Clay
Jane Steerman (lifetime) Jewelry: Silversmith
David A. Steinmetz Wood
Kris Stewart Fiber-book art
Lois Stickler Leather
Deborah Stratford Drawing
Pat Sturtzel fiber
Nora Swanson Jewelry
Tonya Tate  Hand-made soap
  Lu Ann Thomas Jewelry
U ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Cheryl Ulrich-Barnett                                        Clay
Joan Van Cleave Sculpture: Mosiac
  Randi Ver Berkmoes Wood
Teri LeKays Vinson Mixed Media, Painting
Chris Vogelgesang Wood
Phil Wasson Sculpture: Metal
Sissy Watson Jewelry: Metal
  Julia Weber Jewelry
John White Wood
Pam White 2D & 3D mixed media
Dickie Wilson Wood
  Richard Wilson Wood
Beth Williams Photography
  Suzanne Wohlfeld Jewelry
Tom Wohlfeld Jewelry
Dodie L. Wrocklage-Harp Jewelry
  Emily Yellina Student member
Maiken Ischiel Young Fiber: Weaving
Sue Yung Fiber: Quilts
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